"Estate planning is all about protecting
  your most important asset...your family"

- FWLG Staff


First and foremost estate planning is about FAMILY, ensuring that our loved ones (our most important assets) are protected and provided for.

The term WEALTH is defined as "an abundance of valuable material possessions or resources." In the context of estate planning, a family's wealth often refers to the assets clients have worked hard to accumulate. However, it can also include family heirlooms, values, and traditions passed from one generation to the next.

At Family Wealth Law Group, PC our goal is to provide each client with peace of mind knowing that the proper documents and processes have been established to protect their loved ones. We understand that each family is unique so it is imperative to take into consideration each client's specific goals, concerns, and wishes when establishing their estate plan. We know that the keys to an effective estate plan are taking the time to get to know our clients and establishing an ongoing relationship with them to be able to continue to serve their family's needs as they change over the years.

While estate planning involves discussing issues that are not enjoyable, it is our mission to provide each and every client with a pleasant, comfortable experience.