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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, family becomes a primary focus.  Family gatherings provide a valuable opportunity to discuss and assess various needs that have arisen. This is why the holidays are a great time to think about estate planning.   For those of us with older family members, it becomes imperative that we have estate planning documents in place allowing us to help when a need arises.  Powers of attorney for financial and medical issues allow us to easily handle these matters without having to deal with the court system.  For those of us with minor children, estate planning documents allow us to leave instructions to protect and care for them in case something happens to us.  Finally, having estate planning documents in place allow us to provide our loved ones with peace of mind that our affairs and estate can be handled as efficiently as possible by those left behind.   This holiday season, consider giving the gift of peace of mind by making sure that your estate planning documents are in place and encouraging family members to do the same.

Family Wealth Law Group can help with this important endeavor in two different ways.  To request the assistance of our experienced estate planning attorneys, please contact our office for a complimentary consultation.  Or, to use our Do-It-Yourself services, visit mydiytrust.com.

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