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What is Estate Planning?
Why is it important?
What is the purpose of this website?
Who is this website designed to help?
How is this website different from other form preparation assistance websites?
What are the Different Types of Estate Planning Documents?
What is the Process?


What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning refers to the establishment of instructions in the form of legal documents providing for the administration, management, and distribution of assets in case of an incapacity or death.


Why is it important?

Without the proper estate planning documents in place, the process of settling someone's estate and affairs can become very burdensome, expensive, and time consuming. Estate Planning is really about protecting and making things easier for those left behind.


What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to provide a convenient and low cost way of establishing the proper estate planning documents without having to sit down with an attorney, meanwhile giving the customers confidence in knowing they have access to some professional assistance.


Who is this website designed to help?

The website is designed to help those individuals and couples with simple family and financial situations who want to make sure those left behind have clear instructions to follow in case of an incapacity or death and make the process for them smooth and efficient. This website is NOT designed for individuals who have the following situations:

  • Large Estates (value of over $1 million per individual or couple including the value of all real property, life insurance, retirement plans, investments, business interests, etc.)
  • Concerns about protecting assets from lawsuits
  • Concerns about beneficiaries overspending, getting divorced, having special needs
  • Concerns about protecting their childrens' inheritance in case their spouse remarries
  • Have gifted significant assets
  • Blended families (children from prior marriages)
  • Individuals who are preparing documents for someone who has already lost mental capacity


How is this website different from other form preparation assistance websites?

The website and documents are designed and supervised by attorneys with extensive experience in preparing estate planning documents and settling estates, unlike other sites which simply allow the customers to prepare forms with no oversight. All of our customers are entitled to a free 15 minute consultation with an attorney.


What are the Different Types of Estate Planning Documents?


Revocable Living Trust

A revocable living trust is often used as the central document in an estate plan because it offers 3 distinct advantages:

  • This document allows a family to maintain complete control over their assets during their lifetime.
  • It also allows the family to customize how they would like their affairs handled and administered privately, rather than through the court system.
  • The trust instructions are easily changeable and amendable to accommodate the many personal, financial, and legal changes that an estate plan will face over the years.




A Will is a legal document that provides instructions to the Probate Court for how one's assets should be distributed at their death. The use of a Will as the foundation of an estate plan guarantees that the court will oversee the administration of the estate. Common complaints about the Probate Process includes:

  • Delay - the average Probate takes approximately 1 to 1.5 years
  • Cost - average probate fees are estimated at about 4%-5% of the value of the estate
  • Privacy Concerns - Wills are public documents and the information contained in them are easily accessible and contestable



Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are used to provide a trusted helper with the ability to make important financial or medical decisions on behalf of someone else. Generally these powers are only granted for very specific purposes or only when the individual becomes incapacitated and is not able to make these decisions for him or herself.

Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Matters - designates the person or people who have the ability to handle financial matters for a mentally incapacitated individual and their powers under the document.

Advance Healthcare Directive - designates the person or people who have the ability to make healthcare, medical, and final arrangement decisions on behalf of an individual as well as what the individual's wishes are for end of life decisions. (Includes "Living Will" provisions)


What is the Process?

  1. First click on the box which best summarizes your family situation; Married Couple, Individual, or Non-Traditional Couple.
  2. Then decide which package of documents you would like to purchase.
  3. Answer the questionnaire that accompanies the documents package.
  4. Checkout
  5. Select whether you would like the documents shipped to you
    (shipping fee will apply) or emailed to you in the form of a digital file.
  6. Note: Some documents must be notarized. Please call us if you would like us to arrange for a mobile notary
    (separate notarization fees apply). (800) 818-FWLG (800) 818-3954