Estate Administration and Settlement

We at Family Wealth Law Group, PC understand how daunting and overwhelming it may be to take care of a loved one's affairs after they have lost capacity or have passed away. Our goal is to take some of this burden off of the appointed individual and guide them through the entire process. From a planning perspective, experience with trust settlement and administration is crucial in ensuring that we are able to help a family from start to finish.


Trust Administration

While many people believe that a trust does not have to be administered, the reality is that there are many crucial steps that must be taken in order to ensure that the estate plan is properly executed. There are important tax and financial decisions that need to be made and tasks completed during the time of administration. Legal requirements must be met. Notices must be sent out and appraisals completed. Finally, title to the assets must be properly transferred and distributed in accordance with the instructions within the trust and in keeping with the trustmaker's wishes. At Family Wealth Law Group, PC we try to do as much of the actual work as possible, to alleviate the burden placed upon the appointed successor trustee. Because we try and maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients, this process is usually very smooth and efficient.



Probate is the court process by which estates of individuals who had with a Will or no estate plan are administered. At Family Wealth Law Group, PC our goal is to keep our clients' estates out of the burdensome court process, however we do assist others dealing with probate who have been referred to our office. The process itself includes; complying with numerous legal requirements, filing of documents with the court, attending court hearings, meeting of appraisal and accounting requirements, dealing with tax issues, sending out notices, and transferring the property according to either the Will or intestate succession statute. Our services in this area include taking care of the above mentioned tasks and guiding the chosen executor/personal representative through the process.