Top Ten Estate Planning Questions

Answer these 10 important Estate Planning related questions to find out how well your family is protected.

  1. Who do I want to manage my finances and care if I become incapacitated? Will this person have the power to do so?
  2. Who do I want to make my medical decisions for me if I am unable to do so? Have I made my opinions and wishes clear to my spouse and family to avoid potential conflicts?
  3. When I pass away, do I mind if my half of the community assets go to my spouse's new spouse and family upon remarriage? Will my children be disinherited?
  4. Who do I want to raise my children if I pass away when they are still minors? Do I mind if they spend time in foster care?
  5. Who do I want to manage and distribute the assets for the care of my children if I were to pass away?
  6. When I pass away, will my children have the same lifestyle, education, work ethic, and values they would have if I were still around? Or, will my children simply live off of their inheritance or squander it very quickly?
  7. Do I mind if my adult child's spouse receives half of my child's inheritance in a divorce proceeding?
  8. Do I want half of my hard earned assets to go to pay fees and taxes rather than to my family?
  9. Am I concerned about protecting my assets from lawsuits and creditor judgments?
  10. What formal/legal planning have I done so far to protect my family in case something happens to me?